KUBS Startup Station Conducted Startup Essential Training for New Startup Teams


KUBS Startup Station Conducted Startup Essential Training for New Startup Teams



‘Startup Essential Training’ was held from January 15th to 17th at ‘The Stage’ on the second floor of KUBS Main Building. Nine lecturers, including Hicheon Kim, Director of KUBS Startup Station, conducted the special lecture.



Startup Essential Education, a project to support start-ups education, aims to educate new startups in the early stages about the basics of business and foster entrepreneurship in order to nurture future creative global business talent. It aims to enhance the business capabilities of early start ups and deliver practical knowledge as well as help establish networks among early stage startups.



On the first day, the training was centered on lectures on startup in general. Director Hicheon Kim gave a lecture on “Entrepreneurship and KUBS Startup Station,” while Professor Shijin Yoo talked about startup market Insight. Professor Nam, Dae Il also talked about startup business models.



On the second day, practical education was also conducted along with special lectures. Professor Jungbin Moon gave a lecture on social values and entrepreneurship and talked about the values that all companies, including start-ups, should pursue. Professor Jaiho Chung gave a lecture on “Startup Way,” which he found in growing startups. Kim Shin-il, a tax accountant, then conducted practical training on accounting and tax affairs.



On the last day, there was a lecture on “Creating a Gender Equality Campus” by Roh Jung-min, director of the Center for Gender Equality, followed by Kang Jae-sang, CEO of Pathfindernet.. The three-day Startup Essential Training ended with REDROCKET CEO Park Tae-hong, who was the last speaker and senior graduate, talking about “Student Startup, Survive Efficiently.”