Is it possible for accepted occupants at Iljin Center for Startup Incubation to register as a business enterprise?
Yes, it’s possible. You can register your business with the address of your designated seating at Iljin Center for Startup Incubation.
Do you need to pay the expenses to move in to the Iljin Center for Startup Incubation?
No. Iljin Center for Startup Incubation provides office space free of charge for awardees of the venture contest ‘Startup Express’ and teams selected through a rolling-basis open call procedure.
What are the detailed qualifications required to apply for the Startup Express?
In order to be eligible to apply for the Startup Express, at least one member of the team must be a student of Korea University Business School or Graduate School of Business Administration(students currently enrolled, on leave of absence, or course-completed, students double-majoring in Business Administration, students majoring in Business Administration at the general Graduate School, and students of School of Interdisciplinary Studies, who have selected Business Administration as their major.) Other members of the team may comprise of students from other universities, majors, graduates, high-school graduates, etc.
What is the maximum number of members that can move into the Iljin Center for Startup Incubation?
4 seats will be provided for every team, and a maximum of 8 people can share these 4 seats.
Is it possible to submit your application documents for the Startup Express in English?
Yes, it’s possible.
How can one find out about the possibility of substituting a course in the Future Entrepreneur Curriculum with a different course?
Should you wish to have a course recognized as a substitute of the Future Entrepreneur Curriculum, please send us the information of the corresponding course and the level to kubsstartup@korea.ac.kr. You will be guided after assessment.