2nd team

Clickmation is an independent entertainment development team, established in February 2016. We are developing contents of various medium and genre based on a single world view, stretching from mobile to board games. As reverse arrow in the company logo suggests, Clickmation deviates from the existing paradigm of the game industry and puts original ideas and continuous communication with the players first. Our first work, ‘Gaea’s Trial’ will be released early this year and we will expand further with our world view of Gaea.

Clickmation is developing games in diverse genres. The game currently in development, Gaea’s Trial, is a free 3-match mobile game. We intend to create profit out of advertisement and IAP(In App Purchases). A board game ‘Monster Pool’ and a CD game for PC platform ‘Narcicist’ are games currently in design, sharing the same world view as ‘Gaea’s Trial.’ As such, Clickmation plans to earn profit out of different models in various platforms, such as the advertisement, sales of full retail version games, and IAPs.


Jungmin Kim