1st team

DoDotDo provides a smartwatch based comprehensive business communication solution for the hospitality industry. Along with the smartwatch boom in 2014, DoDotDo was established with the vision of creating a solution that connects the tasks people need to ‘do’ with other ‘do’s with a ‘dot.’ It is currently operating a schedule management solution, as well as a system that enables efficient communication and work processing for personnel engaged in the hospitality industry. Moreover, pinpointing on the convenience of the smartwatch, DoDotDo aims to realize all actions in the solution with just three clicks, thereby pursuing a true innovation in business operation system. We are currently proceeding our purchases with brand hotels in the United States and cruise lines.

Most people only notice the external glamor of the hospitality industry. However, DoDotDo detected internal problems of staff operation system hidden behind such glamor. Considering the mobile nature of the work, we developed a system compatible with wearable devices.

Also, to solve problems and to meet practical needs on-site, we signed MOUs with hotels in the United States and carried out our product design and development henceforth.


Soyeong Sim